Ervaart u weerstanden bij uw internationale gesprekspartners? Worden uw opdrachten niet geleverd of blijven uw vragen onbeantwoord? Heeft u hulp nodig bij het opstarten van productie in China of het zoeken van goede leveranciers?

Door mijn brede ervaring in Europa, USA, China en Afrika kan ik op diverse gebieden uw klankbord en uitvoerder zijn. Hierdoor kunnen hoge kosten en grote teleurstellingen worden voorkomen en kunt u zich richten op uw markt en ontwikkeling van uw bedrijf.

Note: this text is unfortunately due to technical constraints, only available in Dutch.

Voltzon International

Founder, shareholder. Voltzon International is the logistics HQ for the company where shipments of several suppliers are being consolidated. At the same time it is the financial centre giving banks and suppliers the security they need to approve transactions.

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Voltzon Ltd

As a member of the board of directors, I contribute to the strategic choices and market approach of Voltzon Ltd., a specialised distributor of industrial solar power systems. This includes design, sales and installation of professional solar power systems for hospitals, offices, lodges and schools. See for more information. Voltzon International is 100% shareholder […]

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Member of the Advisory Board,

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d.light design

Business Development Manager. For the owners I have set up a distribution and sales organisation in Tanzania. When I left, the following goals were achieved: a distribution network in Tanzania, agents in Kenya and Uganda, an organisation with 16 employees and a turnover of US$ 100.000 per month. Together with our Chinese suppliers we have […]

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Umeme Jua Ltd, Tanzania

Business Development Manager. The director asked me to restructure the organisation, develop new marketing materials used for branding the product, and to coach and train the employees. I assured installation of new operating software and an inventory system, trained the employees to use this software, and developed user manuals. Umeme Jua Ltd was started in […]

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VSO, Kenya

Business Advisor. For this organisation, I supported a vocational training school in getting business orientation. This would ensure income and would make them less dependent on school fees. These were very difficult to collect since the students’ parents were extremely poor. VSO is a volunteer organisation supporting the third world countries.

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Grasso Products

Production Director, deputy General Manager I was assigned to restructure the 4 production departments, optimise the logistic system and increase production output. The 100 employees were working in production, purchasing/logistics, quality assurance and technical services. At the end of my interim period I had achieved an increase in output of 40% and a major reduction […]

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Ten Cate Plasticum

Director Operations Ten Cate Plasticum Europe, statutory Director Tilburg Plant. I was responsible for all operational and logistic activities within the 7 plants in the group: 3 of which were in The Netherlands, 1 in Germany, 1 in France, 1 in the UK, 1 in the USA. Each of the plant managers reported to me. […]

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Viplex Plastics

Manager Production and Logistics. At Viplex Plastics I was responsible for the PVC extrusion and injection-moulding department. Turnover Euro 17 mio, and 110 employees worked in 3 shifts. In order to restore profitability I wrote and executed a reorganisation plan, which led to renewed profitability. At the same time I was Managing Director of Unidrain […]

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