Interim Management

Ik heb in meerdere situaties en meerder bedrijfsomgevingen met bewezen succes interim posities ingevuld zoals algemeen directeur, business development manager en als productie directeur. De structuren waren onder andere familiebedrijf of beursgenoteerd. Een interim manager geeft de noodzakelijk rust aan het moederbedrijf om de vestiging waar hulp noodzakelijk is in goede banen te leiden. Of aan zittende management om samen met de interim manager de strategie van het bedrijf uit te stippelen en de noodzakelijk acties uit te voeren.

Note: this text is unfortunately due to technical constraints, only available in Dutch.

Gieterij Bennink en Ten Cate

Managing Director ad interim. It was my responsibility to stabilise the company’s financial situation after a very troublesome period since the collapse of the economy in 2009. We now try to achieve this financial stability by focusing on cash flow control and optimising production, all in close cooperation with the creditors and bank.

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Boere Machinefabriek

Managing Director a.i. Due to the lack of a successor within the family, I was assigned to become the managing director at Boere Machinefabriek. Boere is a well known brand worldwide in industrial sanding machines for the woodworking industry. In due time I would take over the company form the current owner. In close cooperation […]

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d.light design

Business Development Manager. For the owners I have set up a distribution and sales organisation in Tanzania. When I left, the following goals were achieved: a distribution network in Tanzania, agents in Kenya and Uganda, an organisation with 16 employees and a turnover of US$ 100.000 per month. Together with our Chinese suppliers we have […]

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Umeme Jua Ltd, Tanzania

Business Development Manager. The director asked me to restructure the organisation, develop new marketing materials used for branding the product, and to coach and train the employees. I assured installation of new operating software and an inventory system, trained the employees to use this software, and developed user manuals. Umeme Jua Ltd was started in […]

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Grasso Products

Production Director, deputy General Manager I was assigned to restructure the 4 production departments, optimise the logistic system and increase production output. The 100 employees were working in production, purchasing/logistics, quality assurance and technical services. At the end of my interim period I had achieved an increase in output of 40% and a major reduction […]

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